Friday, March 29, 2013

coming up....

I think I have three more dino acivities to post. 
1 - hand prints
2 - pterosaurs made of toilet paper rolls
3 - painting with shaving cream

Then I will move on to Spring. We are doing Spring April and a week in May. I have planned the activities and I will put some up in the next few days. I will also try to post a completed activity once my current students complete them.

I was also wondering how teacher collect data in their classrooms. I come from an ABA background and I use ABA data sheets (that I copied from Louisa) to keep IEP data that can be graphed. For centers I keep data in a data sheet that I used when teaching at LAUNCH in Torrance but I am not sure where it came form or who made it. I will also post the ABA ones I made in case anyone will like to sue them (as well as a sample) maybe in a few weeks.

I am currently in Spring Break, returning to work 4/2. April 5 I will be attending The Handwriting Without Tears workshop in SF. I am very excited, I have been wanting to go for years. We use the workbook right now but mostly for practicing grasp. I am excited to learn exactly how to implement it and applying it next school year with my classroom kiddos as well as my itinerant kids. When I did student teacher my master teacher used the whole process to teach writing and that is how I learned about it. the last few years I have used it but I am looking forwards to learn the right way to implement it. What is even better is that I get to go with a great friend. She is also an OT so I will also get her perspective...oh and did I mention I will get a lot of material?! YAY.  Here is the information in case anyone is interested -

The picture below is my box of Spring activities (a few of them), for me to take pictures to post an dmake sure all the prep work is done for the next few weeks. 

If there is anthying that you would like me to post let me know..........

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