Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Cutting is a skill that we work on at least once a week. From holding the scissors correctly to snipping, to cutting lines, etc. is a good skills to work on for preschoolers.
This activity was done by the OT.

What you will need:
Brown paper
Long thick white paper
Red paint or red duck tape or red masking tape (you want to make it thicker for the kids to cut on)

Cut brown paper into volcanos
Glue into white paper
Either-paint red lines or tape duck tape or masking tape to make it look like lava

Day of activity:
Have students cut the red lava (in this activity the OT had the students cut the white paper around the lava and volcano, she was working individually with each student on cutting skills)

What you are working on:
Fine motor skills
Following directions

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