Thursday, March 28, 2013

dinosaur skeletons.....

We did two different dinosaur skeletons this theme.

Acticity one -

What you need:
Black or gray paper
White/beige paper
Q-tips or white pipe cleaners
A lot of glue

Cut the black/gray paper the size and shape of a dinosaur
*Optional - cut white/beige paper into the bone face of a dino
If you are using pipe cleaners, cut them in three to use as bones

Day of activity:
Give each student one dinosaur
Give each student one face (if you are doing the face)
Give each students a bottle of glue
Give each student enough q-tips or pipe cleaners (you can give them as many as they can count, or count them with them, is a good way to practice counting, you can also count them again once they have place them)

What you are working on:
Following directions
Taking turns

You can display a sample or have them use their imagination. Last year I used a small dinosaur (the one I used for sand) and let the students put the "bones" anywhere they wanted. This year I had the original sample (used in 2010) and I helped the students with the glue.

What you need...

Step 1 - glue the head

Step 2 glue the bones

** made by a student **

Activity 2

This activity was done by the SLP, Kate.
I do not have pictures of the steps but I will try my best to summarize and I do have a picture of a complete skeleton.
She got the paper from a site (don't know which one, sorry) but it can be easily drawn. This is a very simple skeleton, but it is very appropriate for my students.

What you need:
Pasta (penne)
Print out/copies of the dino outline

Make copies of the print out
In a bag put the oatmeal and the pasta - students will dig for bones

Day of activity:
Have the students take turns digging for bones and gluing them on the print out

What you are working on:
Taking turns
Following directions
Immitation of sounds

I have seen this activity done a lot of different ways, however this one was the most appropriate for the students I ahve this year.

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