Sunday, March 31, 2013

handprint spikes (last dino activity).....

What you need:
Use the same dino from the shaving cream activity but make copies in a different color (you can really sue any color you want, we did the color green as the theme color)

Cut dinos
Mix paint with soap (for easy washing)

1 - have the student pick a color dino and glue it on a piece of paper
2 - paint one hand and have them stamp it three times (have them count with you as you put the hand print)

What you are working on:
Making choices
Color identification (specially if you are suing different color paint and dinos)

**** This is it for the dino theme. I did not do anything for Spring so far (I am still on Spring Break) but on Tuesday we will start Spring and I will start posting pictures. Hope you had a great Easter!!

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