Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Also with dinosaurs we did shamrocks (great combination as they are green).
I brought a few real ones for the kiddos to see. We did a few different shamrock activities.
The lacing activity can be done with for any theme.

What you will need:
Laminating sheets
Personal laminator
Green paper (and shade you want)
Single hole puncher
Pipe cleaners/yarn

1- cut green paper into the size shamrock you want to use
2- laminate shamrocks using a 5mm laminating sheet (you can use the big machine as well, but the 5mm sheets are thicker so you will be able to save the shamrocks for made years)
3- cut the shamrock after laminating
4- use hole puncher to make holes all around the shamrock

Day of activity:
Present students with pipe cleaner or yarn (I use pipe cleaners because my as my kids are just now learning how to lace, the pipe cleaner is easier for them to hold, you will need to help the, connect two or three pieces together).

Show the students what you want them to do, help them get started, do hand over hand (depending where your students are).

What you are working on:
Fine motor
Following directions
Color identification
Making choices

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