Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March was dino month.

March was dinosaur theme. All activities during the month were done around dinosaurs and the color green. Some fun things we did were painting with shaving cream and green paint, we painted with broccoli (which was the vegetable of the month), we follow steps to make a dino skeleton, we made dino faces with ovals, and we searched for dino bones (pasta) on sand (oatmeal) to name a few. I will post a few activities and what we learned from them.

Dino eggs. This was a two day activity.
1. Cut two big ovals per student.
2. In one oval draw the lines you want the kids to cut.
3. Make copies of dinosaurs for the students to color.
You will need glue, scissors (appropriate for your students), dot markers, crayons, hole puncher, and bras fastener tabs.

Day 1. Have the students cut the oval with the lines. Have them cut it all the way through.
Day 2. Have the students decorate both eggs with dot markers and color the Dino. Have students glue the Dino in the oval that was not cut. Hole punch both oval parts at one end and put the tab in. Make sure that you don't put the tab to tight, the oval that is cut should be able to open up and down so the kids can see the Dino inside.

What you are working on:
Color identification (dot markers, choosing an oval)
Following directions
Using glue appropriately
Grasp (coloring with markers/crayons)
Crossing midline (put dot markers on the opposite side of dominating hand)
Taking turns

** I am not sure where this idea came form I have been doing it for years.

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