Monday, March 25, 2013

new blog......

After looking through web pages and web pages to find ideas for this months classroom activities, I decided to start this blog. I realized that I send so much time looking for idea, then prepping for it, making modifications to have it meet the CA Preschool Standards as well as the IEP goals of each of my students. 

I am a special education preschool teacher. We do a LOT of arts and crafts but they all have a purpose, the kiddos are learning something from each and every activity. We have a sensory/OT center every day. I will post different activities we do in the class, the items we used, the steps to make it, and a finish product. For confidentiality purposes I will not be posting names or pictures of my students, however I may have my own kiddos (twin boys) do a sample for me and I may record the activity through pictures and I will post those. 

I am hoping this blog will help new teachers, or even veteran teachers looking for ideas of what to do in their classrooms. The arts/crafts, lessons, goals, etc will be guided for special education preschool students. 

It is my hope that someone may find this useful....Hopefully you will enjoy the blog, please leave comments, ideas, etc...

Lets share the journey of teaching together!!!

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