Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oval dino...

I have done this activity with different type of students. Depending on the level of your students you can work on different aspects (colors, size, following directions, etc).

What you will need:
Different color paper

Cut different color/size ovals - for each student cut :  one oval for the head, two ovals for the back of the eyes,  two ovals for the inside of the eyes, and one oval for a nose (you can choose what size you want them)
Cut different color teeth

Day of the activity:
Have each student pick a color for the dino face (they can point, touch, or say the color depending on what you want to work on)
Let each child pick the color for the eyes, the nose and the mouth
Have the students follow the steps on how to put the dino together (steps with pictures below) - you can make one with them or have pictures of each step, or have a finish dino for them to see.

What you will be working on:
Color identification
Following steps
Naming colors

Step 1 - cut one big oval for the face, cut three different size of ovals for the nose, the back of the eyes, and the inside of the eyes. you can cut a mouth (teeth) or have the kids draw it.

Step 2 - have the kids glue the back of the eyes and then the inside of the eyes

Step 3 - glue the nose

Step 4 - glue the teeth

Step 5 - help the students to draw eye brows and mouth

** I think this idea came form the mailbox magazine, if you have a chance to get a hold of one or a subscription they have great ideas.

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