Sunday, March 31, 2013

painting with shaving cream.....

This activity combines sensory and math, it is a two day activity.

Make copies of a dinosaur. Cut the copies to the shape of the dino.

Day One:

What you need:
Shaving cream

Mix the paint, the glue, and the shaving cream together (you can also have the kids mix it)
* Make sure you out enough glue to amke the shaving cream stick.
** The more shaving cream you use the more puffy it will be

Have the students color the dino with the shaving cream with their hands (make sure they don't put it in their hair, due to the glue it is hard to wash off, if you think the kids will make a huge mess add some soap so it will be easily washed off) - make sure you wash their hands right away so the glue doesn't stick to their hands with the paint

What you area working on:
Following directions

this is is just regular paint

Day two:

What you need:
Google eyes
Clothe pins (enough for every student to have 5, they will be the spikes)


Have the kiddos glue the eye
Have the students count the cloth pins
Help (if needed) to open and close the clothe pins (you may want to let them practice a few times)
Place clothe pins on the top of dino (to look like spikes)
Count the clothe pins again

What you are working on:
Fine motor

Shaving cream with paint- spread very thin

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