Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I can honestly say I am addicted to pinterest. I have the app on the iPhone, the iPad, the laptop, and the kindle fire (work tablet). I find myself pinning for hours....

Here is the few ideas I pinned for dino month -
I tried to do the bell pepper one but I keep forgetting the belle peppers :(
I did not do any baking this time around or the dino feet.

Last year we did the dino eggs, it takes a few days - day one make the mixture and hide the dino in the middle of the mixture, day 2-4 let the egg harden, flip it so the whole egg hardens, and day 5 (hopefully Friday) you let the kids open the egg and find the dino. The kids really enjoy it but it is extremely messy. 

I have done the skeletons and will post a blog on it soon, as I have done them differently and Kate (SLP) did a pasta activity as well.

In the mean time enjoy the pinterest pins and hopefully you will find something useful. 

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