Sunday, March 31, 2013


Pterosaurs (I hope that is spelled corretly)..

What you need:
Toiled paper rolls
Green construction paper
Blue/brown/different color construction paper
Pipe cleaner
Hole puncher
Paint (green or brown)
Google eyes

Cut the wings out of green paper
Cut a tail (a triangle) and the head (you can really use any color you want)
Cut pipe cleaner to the size you want the tail to be

Day one:
Have the students pain the pipe cleaner either green or brown
Open a hole on the pipe cleaner for the tail

Day two:
Have the students follow the steps on putting the dino together - glue the head, wings, and the eyes 
Put the pipe cleaner through the hole of the toilet paper roll and the tail

Once the glue dries open another hole on the dino and hang it from the ceiling.

What you are working on:
Following directions
Color identification
Taking turns

**I think this is a mailbox magazine activity (I have done it for a few years so I cannot be sure)

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