Thursday, March 28, 2013

sand dino....

This is more of a sensory activity. 

What you need:
Construction paper (any color you want) cut like a dino

Cut paper into dinos
Have enough sand for all the students (you can either put it in a big container or use small Ziploc bags for individual students
Have enough glue
Use a lid of a box for faster and easier clean up

Day of activity:
Let the students choose a dino
Have the students squish glue into the dino (for this activity the more glue the better)
Have student use hands or small shovels to put sand on top of the dino, let them cover the dino and then help them to lift the paper and shake the extra sand off
Let try and display

What you are working on:
Following directions
Sensory - touching sand/texture

** This was the first time I do this, I had used this dinosaurs for skeletons last year but did a different activity this year and wanted to use the cut of dinos, so this is what we did....

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