Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sensory bags.....

One more for tonight.....

Using ziplock bags (the one gallon ones) fill them up with paint (depending what color you will be learning about). Make sure you use packing tape to secure the top, you don't want the paint coming out.
The bags can be used for different thins;

1. using a q-tip or fingers you can practice pre-writting skills or writing words
2. studnets can squish the bags for sensory imput (make sure you sue the tick bags so they don't pop
3. you can place things inside for the studnets to find (letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc)

You can make bag per theme color with theme items. If you add some soap to the paint then you will be able to wash the items once you are done using them.

I do not have a picture but you find more information on http://handsonaswegrow.com/practice-printing-bags/

What you will work on:

Practice Printing Bags - A great fine motor activity and fun writing practice!

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