Thursday, March 28, 2013

This activity was originally made with paper plates, however I did not have any big enough this year. The big circle is the size of the plate and the tail, neck/head, and feet come form another plate. I used thick construction paper instead. 

What you will need:
Paper plates or construction paper
Google eyes
Pipe cleaner (mouth)
Dot art markers

Cut one big circle for the body
Two rectangles for leg
A tail and a neck.head
** You can either put it together yourself or you can have the kids put it together. This year I choose to out it together and let the kids do the decorating.

Activity day:
day 1 - have the students pick a color paint to paint the dino, you can have them use brushes or hand paint, or a combination of both
day 2 - use dot art markers or paint to draw dots, designs, scribbles on the dinos, have them glue the eye and the mouth, you can also have them roar like dinos (their fave part)

What you will be working on:
Following directions
Color identification
Making choices
Imitating sounds

** I am not sure where this idea came from, it may have come from the Mialbox magazine but I am not sure.

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