Saturday, April 27, 2013

filter butterflies....

Last week we made butterflies with coffee filters.
We used liquid tempera (it took forever to come off my hands), 
eye croppers, piper cleaners (antennas), and 
small clothe pins for the body.

I had three colors of tempera and had the kids pick one 
(either by verbally naming the color or by pointing)
I taught them how to use the eye dropper and must of the time we did hand over hand.
Of course the kiddos use too much tempera
but they still turned out really cute.

We used the trays sop the tempera wouldn't get all over the kids clothes.

they all look really cute on the board with the rainbow

Thursday, April 18, 2013

counting ladybug spots......

Counting Ladybug Spots

I love this activity for counting.
Not only do the kiddos make a cute lady bug
but they use motor skills for opening the hole, squishing the glue, 
putting the bras tap throught the hole, bending the pipe cleaner.
The also follow steps making the ladybug.
Work on colors red, black, and pipe cleaner colors.
Counting. I have the kids count the spots before they glue them on, 
while they put them on the glue,
after they are glued,
and to finish we write the number on the spots.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Making caterpillars.
We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" By Eric Carl 

This activity can be used for counting, patters, color identification, following directions, letters (if you put letters on the circles). etc..

We used it for color identification as it is  a goal that all my students have. 
I had them point to the correct color when requested.
For those students that are verbal they also said the color.

The kids did great picking the colors and placing them on the big leaf. 

The look turned out amazing (sorry no picture of the complete end project, long day)

Some of my itinerant students are working on AB patterns so below is one that on of them made.

Monday, April 15, 2013

nail polish.....

I am sure you are wondering what nail polish has to do with preschool. 

Well if you had asked me a few weeks ago I would had said nothing. However now I see it as a pointing devise.

I realized last week, while my nails were red, that if I pointed to pictures in a book, or a work sample, my students- those that have a hard time focusing- would actually look at what I was showing them. Today we read the same books (from last week) but my nails had no color (I had peeled the color already) and my kiddos were distracted again.

So today I got my nails painted teal. No, is not a color that I would choose, even thought I know is a very popular color right now. It is for sure completely out of my comfort zone. 

Tomorrow I will experiment and see how my kiddos react (my boys at home loved them). So I will write a follow up post and see how it turns out.

I had tried other things, lights, pointers, stickers, but the red nail polish worked the best. Hopefully all the nail polish colors will work and I can finally step out of my box and have the colors I have always been afraid to tried. Now I wonder....could I write going to the nail salon of in my taxes?! haha

Friday, April 12, 2013


I love the Spring theme!!

One of my favorite things to make are rainbows. 
This time we used the activity to practice colors. 
Because most of my students are non-verbal, 
I had them pick the color from a field of two or three.
I did have the kiddos say the colors and pick it, for the ones that are verbal.

For the coloring, I took data on the hand they used to pick the marker,
and how they held it (tripod or grasp).
We did color hand over hand.
The coloring was done by making lines. We made each line four times 
as we named the color.

Once the rainbow was colored, the kiddos glued two clouds, and we wrote their names on the clouds.

For prep work - we made copies of the rainbow coloring page
cut two clouds per child
put dots of the color order on the rainbow (for my one student that can follow it)

We stapled them with the big rainbow. They look GREAT.
I cannot wait to do the raining umbrellas and the rainbow plates.

spiderwebs and spiders.....

This week we made spiderwebs and spiders. 
on day one we made the spiderwebs....

To prep we cut the webs, used two big and two small blocks, 
wrapped rubber bands in different patterns 
on the blocks, and mixed white paint with soap.

The day of the activity we had the kiddos dip the block on the paint, 
then use the block as a stamp on the web.
- the kiddos had to grab the block right tight as it tends to stick to the paint
* it helps them to strengthen their hand/finger muscles
* we also practice pointing/naming colors

On the second day, we made spiders.
We used this activity to count legs.
We had the kiddos count the legs, glue the legs, then count them again.....
* we worked on counting and following steps (glue, paste, glue, paste..) as well as attending

They turned out really cute!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Handwriting Without Tears......

Yesterday I was able to go to the Handwriting Without Tears conference/workshop.
I was expecting them to teach us how to teach handwriting using their approach. I was not expect it, to be a whole curriculum, from readiness for kindergarten, math, language and literacy. It was absolutely fantastic. If you use is program or even heard about it you should go.

I am really hoping that we can implement this curriculum next year. I feel that it will be easily modified to fit the needs of my students and that overall is very age appropriate for them. As the only special ed preschool class in the district i am hoping the administrators let me give it a chance. So wish me luck !!

We got some fantastic materials while we were there. We got all three preschool teacher guides. Touch and feel math and ABC cards, "My Book" book, some awesome small flip crayons (extremely appropriate for my little preschoolers), all the wooden sticks, two CDs, a small chalk board (wet, dry, try), two bags, and some other materials. I also wan the small chalk for the wet, dry, try trials, and a small box of the flip crayons, even thought it wasn't really fair, I mean how many people, that are not SLPs, know that there are 42 phonemes haha.

I first learned about HWT from my master teacher. She did a different activity every day finishing up with the workbook. I have love it since then and have been able to implement a little each year but now I am not totally into it!!

Is a pricy workshop but I highly recommend it. Plus you get about $275 worth of material.

Friday, April 5, 2013

big and small birds.........

We learned about big and small today.
In preparation I made two size birds (big and small) and an orange strip with a small circle and the words small and a big circle and the word big.

First I had the students chose the big then the little bird. Once I gave them the orange strip i put glue in the small side and let them choose the small bird (then I did the same with the big one.

We worked on:
big and small
the color blue
words with /b/ big blue bird
and following directions

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

cutting flowers

Today we practiced cutting. 
I made a whole bunch of copies of flowers on color paper, cut the flowers, and 
the kiddos cut the small lines to make the pedals.
I got this activity from my master teacher when i was doing student teaching.

At the end of the day, i folded the pedals inwards, then i stapled them to our sunny board, 
drew a stem and a leaf, and painted the middle yellow 
mostly so the staple wouldn't show 
(my master teacher used to put a picture of he kiddos in the middle)

For this activity we worked on: 
color identifucation
taking turns
and fine motor

Thank you Juleit (OT) for running this activity.