Saturday, April 6, 2013

Handwriting Without Tears......

Yesterday I was able to go to the Handwriting Without Tears conference/workshop.
I was expecting them to teach us how to teach handwriting using their approach. I was not expect it, to be a whole curriculum, from readiness for kindergarten, math, language and literacy. It was absolutely fantastic. If you use is program or even heard about it you should go.

I am really hoping that we can implement this curriculum next year. I feel that it will be easily modified to fit the needs of my students and that overall is very age appropriate for them. As the only special ed preschool class in the district i am hoping the administrators let me give it a chance. So wish me luck !!

We got some fantastic materials while we were there. We got all three preschool teacher guides. Touch and feel math and ABC cards, "My Book" book, some awesome small flip crayons (extremely appropriate for my little preschoolers), all the wooden sticks, two CDs, a small chalk board (wet, dry, try), two bags, and some other materials. I also wan the small chalk for the wet, dry, try trials, and a small box of the flip crayons, even thought it wasn't really fair, I mean how many people, that are not SLPs, know that there are 42 phonemes haha.

I first learned about HWT from my master teacher. She did a different activity every day finishing up with the workbook. I have love it since then and have been able to implement a little each year but now I am not totally into it!!

Is a pricy workshop but I highly recommend it. Plus you get about $275 worth of material.

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