Friday, April 12, 2013


I love the Spring theme!!

One of my favorite things to make are rainbows. 
This time we used the activity to practice colors. 
Because most of my students are non-verbal, 
I had them pick the color from a field of two or three.
I did have the kiddos say the colors and pick it, for the ones that are verbal.

For the coloring, I took data on the hand they used to pick the marker,
and how they held it (tripod or grasp).
We did color hand over hand.
The coloring was done by making lines. We made each line four times 
as we named the color.

Once the rainbow was colored, the kiddos glued two clouds, and we wrote their names on the clouds.

For prep work - we made copies of the rainbow coloring page
cut two clouds per child
put dots of the color order on the rainbow (for my one student that can follow it)

We stapled them with the big rainbow. They look GREAT.
I cannot wait to do the raining umbrellas and the rainbow plates.

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