Friday, April 12, 2013

spiderwebs and spiders.....

This week we made spiderwebs and spiders. 
on day one we made the spiderwebs....

To prep we cut the webs, used two big and two small blocks, 
wrapped rubber bands in different patterns 
on the blocks, and mixed white paint with soap.

The day of the activity we had the kiddos dip the block on the paint, 
then use the block as a stamp on the web.
- the kiddos had to grab the block right tight as it tends to stick to the paint
* it helps them to strengthen their hand/finger muscles
* we also practice pointing/naming colors

On the second day, we made spiders.
We used this activity to count legs.
We had the kiddos count the legs, glue the legs, then count them again.....
* we worked on counting and following steps (glue, paste, glue, paste..) as well as attending

They turned out really cute!!

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