Sunday, August 25, 2013

All About Me....

All About Me....

I am excite to this this theme with the kiddos this year.

I am used to making the "All About Me" books however we are not doing that.

I promise a few friends I would share ideas for their lesson/activities and I am hoping others can use them as well.

I teach a transitional class and do itinerant work, I use the same activities for both scenarios.
Most, if not all, came from pinterest.

I am suing the Handwritting Without Tears curriculum, so two activities are not art/crafts but one is.
That is the one I will be sharing on the blog.

I really do hope you find this blog useful throughout the year. I will try to keep it up (hopefully on Sundays). I will also be starting ABA classes in September, plus I joined the gym, plus all my homework, IEPs, reports, I am hoping I can write at least once a week...

Have a fantastic school year.

* first day hand prints

* paper plate faces

* this is my house

* paper kids

* my finger tips are unique

* family tree

* lunch bag kiddos

* feeling are important

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* my name is

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  1. I love the quote with the handprints! You are the best!


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