Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New school year.......

I will be returning to work this Thursday. Even though I am sad to see my summer break come to an end I am excited (as I am every start of the year) for the year to start. This year I will have a new classroom, I was moved from room 9 to room 2. I will start with some returning students, four in total, maybe five. I will have smaller itinerant case load (for now at least), almost all my students went on to kinder.

I already have an IEP this Friday for a little boy we assessed in the summer, so I am not sure if that is a good way to start the year or not.

I still haven't finished fixing room 2, is a mess, a smaller mess, but a mess.

I did start lesson planning and I have three weeks planned (but no prep work done).

I have no idea who my aids will be.

BUT I am excited about this year and getting started :) I mean, what can I say.... I LOVE my job/career.

I am will be doing All About Me August (kids start the 22) and September. Here is a link to my pinterst board for some fun ideas I will be doing.


Have a GREAT school year!!!!


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