Sunday, August 25, 2013

new school year.....

Last year my class opened at the end of October, so I started with farm/fall, but now I am starting the year with the "All About Me" theme.

I decided to handwrite my lesson plans this years (what I put on the board for the parents to see) so when there are changes I can just errase and make changes.

I will be having three table top activities daily.
I will be using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum (I am super excited). Two table tops will be with the HWT curriculum, one will be the readiness curriculum, the other will be alternating days with math and literacy and the last table top will be a craft. I am able to implement the goals into each activity. 

Some changes, I will be the only one collecting data this year (last year my staff collected data as well). I am still working on a data sheet, last year I used a data sheet that I used when I was working at LAUNCH. I track data for each child and goal like ABA data sheets that I modeled from a former job (thank you Louisa). 

Been the only SPED preschool class, transition class, on the district I get to choose my own themes;

August/September -  All About Me
October - Fall
November - Farm
December - Holidays
January - Winter
February - Friendship
March - Dinosaurs
April - Spring
May/June - Space (maybe zoo or jungle not sure yet)
ESY - Ocean

During summer I had to change rooms, and even thought it was a pain, I am happy with how the room turned out. And the kiddos did not seem to mind at all (YAY). 

I started with four kiddos, but as I teach a transitional class I will soon have more kiddos. I am always going back to the basics and always teaching the learn to learn behaviors (sitting, attending, waiting, quiet hands, etc..).

I am looking forward to a new and exciting year. 

Can't wait to have the students work on the walls. 

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