Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last week........

Last week we made paper bag kiddos. 
Monday the kids colored the paper bags for the bottom (supposed to be the clothing). 

 Tuesday they stuffed the bags (2 of them) with paper/newspaper, tied ribbon, add two eyes and drew a mouth.

 Wednesday they glued hair, and with the staff hep the arms and legs were stapled, hands and feet were glued.

 These is what we used for the hair, arms, legs, feet, and hands.

Here is the end product.

I am lucky to have amazing staff as they are the ones that see my craft visions thru amazing results......

Activities of the week...... (two weeks ago)

I spend countless hours painting rice lol. It was super fun though. I did teal, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and orange. Is super awesome. It looks so nice. The kids are loving it!!!
Names. We started practicing out names. The kiddos now respond to their name so now we started practicing matching the letters. I made one of this for each kiddos. They did pretty good, for their first time. 

We made our own person. The kids chose their shirt and buttons. They also drew their happy or sad face. They had a good time.

Monday, September 2, 2013

colors and numbers....

Zachary brought home a number rhyming book that he colored at school and i love it. 
Is like the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. 
I typed it out and saved it, ready to print tomorrow. 
I couldn't figure out how to included in the post. 
But if you are interested email me (  subject number/color book) and I will email you the file, then you can just print. You can also print it in black and White and have your kiddos color it in. 

sorry it wont flip the right away....

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing labor day.
For those of you going back to work/school this week good luck, have a FANTASTIC year.
For the rest of us lets have a great week....