Tuesday, October 22, 2013

all about apples...

Matthew and Zachary (my twin boys) each brought home a great apple activity. We had done the apples by putting together strips of red paper so this two were great following activities to that activity.

Matthew brought home an apple book. Using that as a template I made my own. 

I also got three apples, one per center group

Using written numbers, I had the kiddos guess how many seeds they will see in their apple. They each choose a number and wrote it on their first page. 

Then we opened the apple and counted the seeds. We used the same numbers to match the seed amount to a written number, 

In the last page we drew the amount of seeds we found. 

The next day we did Zachary's activity. 

I had cut the apple parts, the middle part and a leaf for each. The kiddos had to put it all together top, middle, and bottom. 

They look amazing hanging from the ceiling. 

I really want to thank Mrs. Park and Mrs. Garcia for lettingme copy their awesome class activities :)

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