Sunday, October 6, 2013

the farm....

This week we worked on patterns and big/small.
The kiddos are really enjoying the new farm activities and the farm toys.
We made apples to hang from the ceiling (they came out great)

Pinterest has some great ideas fro fall and farm 


print from pinterets
I cut the bottom animals and had the kids
pick the correct from a field of two
the kid glue the correct one on the correct space

Big, Medium, Small

I had the kids sort them by size
some kids did all three
 some did two
and some did just one


long red strips of paper - each apple has 6-7 strips
pipe cleaner and a leaf
staple the strips together to form the bottom
when staple the top of the strips as well (creating a circle)
use a single hole puncher to open a hole, 
put the pipe cleaner through and make a knot on the inside
then lace the leaf and bend the pipe cleaner

I have also been working on two different shape books and an apple book. 
Pictures to come next week (I hope).
Have a great week.

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