Saturday, November 30, 2013

I am Thankful for….

I am very Thankful to have such an amazing job that I love so much. 
I love getting up in the morning and knowing that I will see "my" kiddos. 
They brighten my day, put a smile on my face, and even on the hardest days they make me love every experience and they help me grown personally and professionally.
I am also very Thankful for the wonderful staff in my class and the amazing team I get the honor to work with.

The week before Thanksgiving we worked on some Indian hats and Turkeys.
We were very lucky to have the whole week of Thanksgiving off and I am looking forward to see the kiddos on Monday. 

What I am Thankful for turkey. We practice colors and letter sounds.

Hand-print turkey we practice making a choice and color

Indian hats. We practiced colors and cutting 

We mixed paint and shaving cream, played with it for a little then placed the paper upside down pressed it and using a Popsicle stick took the extra shaving cream off

Friday we changed the classroom boards from Farm to Christmas. Before everything was taken off I was able to take a picture

Sunday, November 17, 2013

farm farm farm…….

The past few weeks we have been doing farm activities.
Besides our crafts we follow the Handwritng Without Tears curriculum and do math, literature, and readiness for kinder as well. We also work on a letter a  week, we are putting together a letter book to go home at the end of the year along with the letter sound song.
I am putting the lion on (it can be used for L for lion or zoo or jungle theme but I think it came out pretty cute)
Next week we will be making turkey hats turkeys, and owls to finish our farm/fall theme. We have all of thanksgiving week off (follow my other blog for fun crafts I will be doing at home with my boys as well as some fun DIY ideas for teachers, friend for Thanksgiving and Xmas:

We made pigs in the mud.
for prep we cut pink pigs
we used brown paint (I have used actual mud or paint with shaving cream and glue, i have a few kiddos that eat everything so I keep it simple this time around)
the kiddos used a wooden block with rubber bands as a stamp
they glued the yes and we drew the snout once the paint had dried
we talked about colors, counted legs and ears

Paper bag cow
we cut all the parts of the cow and had ready fro them to complete
we talked about colors and shapes (circles and ovals) s well as what we get from cows (milk that as far as we went)

L is for Lion
these came out super cute!!!!
we talked about the letter L and what other words starts with L as well as colors and how many eyes

We read Hens New Pens this past two weeks so we made hens.
I know they look like roasters but they look like the hen in the book
we used paper plates, hand cut off (I have used feathers previous years)
we related the activity to our book (in the book the Hen likes draw and ends up drawing on all the eggs, a different day the kiddos drew on the eggs)

we made sheep using paper plates and cotton balls
talked about opposite colors, white and black, as well as soft (the cotton balls) and hard (the table)

 Turkey hand prints
we made some turkeys for our hand print book but i figure we would make some for our farm board as well and they turn out cute.

All ideas were found on pinterets

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween week....

We made candy corn...
We worked on colors white, yellow, and orange
They looked great hanging from the ceiling.

We made mummies using medical tape (dollar store)
They came out super cute.
I cut the pieces of tape and the kiddos had to place them on the mummy face. It was hard for them as the tape got stuck to their hands and fingers 

We made skeletons
Using q-tips
we counted how many q-tips we placed

We made spider trick or treat bags
First we painted the plates blacks
Then we cut the legs
then we glues (then stapled) the legs, added eyes, and a mouth.
I made the puppet holder look like a spider web and placed all the spiders there

We read "Go Away Big Green Monster"
We talked about all the parts of the monster face

We made monsters out of different shapes
the kiddos placed as many eyes as they wanted
we talked about the shapes and colors

We made Jack - o -Lanterns
We did not get big real pumpkins (just little ones) but this $1 stickers from Target were great for the paper cut off. I got different designs 
the kiddos got to choose what face they wanted
placed it on the pumpkin and then use a pipe cleaner for the vine

I have to say our class looked super cute (not scary) for our Halloween party.

Thanks Pinterest for the great ideas