Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween week....

We made candy corn...
We worked on colors white, yellow, and orange
They looked great hanging from the ceiling.

We made mummies using medical tape (dollar store)
They came out super cute.
I cut the pieces of tape and the kiddos had to place them on the mummy face. It was hard for them as the tape got stuck to their hands and fingers 

We made skeletons
Using q-tips
we counted how many q-tips we placed

We made spider trick or treat bags
First we painted the plates blacks
Then we cut the legs
then we glues (then stapled) the legs, added eyes, and a mouth.
I made the puppet holder look like a spider web and placed all the spiders there

We read "Go Away Big Green Monster"
We talked about all the parts of the monster face

We made monsters out of different shapes
the kiddos placed as many eyes as they wanted
we talked about the shapes and colors

We made Jack - o -Lanterns
We did not get big real pumpkins (just little ones) but this $1 stickers from Target were great for the paper cut off. I got different designs 
the kiddos got to choose what face they wanted
placed it on the pumpkin and then use a pipe cleaner for the vine

I have to say our class looked super cute (not scary) for our Halloween party.

Thanks Pinterest for the great ideas

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