Thursday, December 26, 2013


Last year my class opened at the end of November. We did not really have a curriculum at the time, so all activities were planned according the my kiddos IEP goals and the CA preschool Foundations. So we made a LOT of crafts. Everything had a purpose and a reason and was appropriate for my students. Now this year we have the Handwritting Without Tears curriculum and we do a HWT activity everyday, the other center is a speech center so is either form the Language and Literature HWT curriculum book or related to the letter of the week (or a review of the letters we have done) or from the book we are reading, so that only leaves one center for a craft/fine motor activity.
Last school year my walls were covered on awesome crafts at the end of the theme, this year not so much. SO now in the morning during our 30 min free play we have a table set up with a craft. It has been great to get the kiddos do a fun art activity in the morning and they are turning out GREAT.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday theme....

The theme for December is "Holidays" but really is just Christmas. 
We have been talking about the color red and gree. The shape has been the triangle. The books have carried from some Christmas books to the Mat man shapes book from hand writing without tears curriculum. 

These are the activities we have done. 

Trees - the first day the kiddos cut the triangles. We prove by gluing the triangles on the paper then the kiddos glued the trunk and the tissue paper. We worked on shapes, cutting, requesting more, attending, squishing (glue bottle), and taking turns 

Christmas trees - on the first day the kiddos painted the plates green, the next day they cut the plates into four, the following day they decorated the trees. We only used three to make trees on the wall. We worked on the color green, triangle shapes, colors for the dot markers, star shape, taking turns, requesting, attending. 

Stockings - in the morning (during free time) the kiddos painted the stocking red then after snack (it was WAY too cold to go out and play this week) they glued the cotton balls and used glitter for their initials.

Ruddolf - first daysthe kiddos painted the plates and did hand prints, we prep by cutting the hand prints, the next day the kiddos glued the nose and the eyes and drew a mouth. We worked on the color brown, sang the Ruddolf song, worked on sensory by touching the paint for hand prints and following directions and attending

Santa - day one painted the plates red ( morning activity), during a center the kiddos put the Santa together gluing the beard and putting the hat together, saw Ella's. The face. We worked on the color red, following directions, asking for help, and taking turns 

Ginger bread man - one morning the kiddos painted the plates and during a center they put it together. They look awesome and theya re so big. We worked on colors, sizes (the plate and the head/ big and little), counting the Pom pons, what you need for the face (two eyes, a nose, and a mouth) 

More gingerbread men - these ones we made one morning, the sample was from Target $1 bin and we just made a couple extras for all the kiddos 

For Parents - the kiddos made a Ruddolf and a Santa hat ornament but we also made mistletoes. They came out super cute. They will be laminated and sew ill use a hot glue to put ribbon in the back for hanging. The kids LOVEd having their feet painted with a paintbrush!!!

Happy holidays everyone!!!