Thursday, December 26, 2013


Last year my class opened at the end of November. We did not really have a curriculum at the time, so all activities were planned according the my kiddos IEP goals and the CA preschool Foundations. So we made a LOT of crafts. Everything had a purpose and a reason and was appropriate for my students. Now this year we have the Handwritting Without Tears curriculum and we do a HWT activity everyday, the other center is a speech center so is either form the Language and Literature HWT curriculum book or related to the letter of the week (or a review of the letters we have done) or from the book we are reading, so that only leaves one center for a craft/fine motor activity.
Last school year my walls were covered on awesome crafts at the end of the theme, this year not so much. SO now in the morning during our 30 min free play we have a table set up with a craft. It has been great to get the kiddos do a fun art activity in the morning and they are turning out GREAT.

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