Sunday, January 26, 2014

two weeks ago……

These are some activities we did in the class two weeks ago, sorry I am about a week behind. 

We are still talking about winter (0ne more week)
So we talked about winter hats
These can be done with yarn pieces to make it look like a beanie.
We had the kiddos rip the tissue paper off an glue it on the hat.
We worked on colors and taking turns (sharing) materials, as well as fine motor skills, suing our finger to rip the paper

We decorated snowflakes. 

We laced mittens and talked how our hands go into a mitten
worked on different colors and used pipe cleaners instead of yarn to lace

We made penguins
We followed steps to do the craft talked about the colors, how many eyes and feet, what the penguin is wearing, hat and scarf, shard materials

This past week we made snowmen with our names, shape penguins, and snowflakes with Popsicle stick. This coming week we will be doing a melted snowman, hand print mittens, and playing with shaving cream.

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