Sunday, February 2, 2014

End of winter theme

Starting tomorrow we will start the. Friendship theme. 
The last few weeks we made some fun fun winter crafts.

We made snowflakes with Popsicle sticks. On the first day we painted them with white paint and we added glue, we sprinkled glitter on them (reason for the glue, made sure the glitter stayed).

Once they were dry I hot glued them to make hem look like snowflakes. 

We had been working on our name for the past few months, matching the letters of our names. So we made snowmen with our names. They came out cute. We had the kiddos tell us how the letters went in order and then we talked about who had more letters in their names. 

The snow gloves look great. The kiddos had to listen and follow directions as well as identifying colors and sharing materials. 

Paper plate snowmen, I love that they had the chance to place as many cotton balls as they liked. We had a visit from a private school and the high school students helped with this craft. 

Shape penguins. We work on identifying the shapes and colors. 

Hand print mittens. This is great for those kids that don't like to get dirty some of my kids don't like touching soft surfaces so we used and ink pad or get them used to the texture. They each choose their own color mitten and their color for the ink pad.

I am really looking forward to the next theme and work with hearts, red, pink, white, and purple, as well as talking about friendship and love!!!!

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