Sunday, March 30, 2014

where did March go?

I am so sorry I did not post all month. I thought February was busy but oh man March has being madness (lol).

I did not realize that I did not ave one single free weekend, which made it hard to post. I also had four new kids start in the afternoon and one more in the morning.

So right now I have 7 kiddos in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. I was alone with the kiddos in the PM so I had being exhausted (mentally and physically) but thankfully I have my wonderful AM para staying in the PM as well, we are a great team so I see this class being the success we want it to be an having those kiddos ready for kinder in the fall.
But okay enough of excuses :)

March we had the Zoo Theme (I usually do dinos but wanted something different).
Here is the link to my pinterest Zoo theme board and the dino as well (as I will not be doing a dino theme this school year).

There are a lot of activities there, some I didn't do, I always try to pin as much as I can, even though I did not use it this year maybe next or someone else will be able to use that activity.

I took lots of pictures with my camera, which also took me longer to upload rather than just emailing the pictures from the iPhone to the MacBook.

So here are all the pictures of what we did.
Hope you enjoy seen the pictures as much as we enjoy making the crafts and seen them in the classroom.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

end of February

I cannot believe February is over already WOW!!
Here are the rest of the craft activities we did during the month. Tomorrow we are starting the Zoo theme. Is a new theme for me, usually in March we do Dinos, but why not do something different. April is a short month due to Spring Break so we will do Space, then May and the two weeks of June we will do Spring. I am not sure about ESY yet. I was thinking maybe two weeks of Ocean and two weeks of music. Yes, I know we are only in March but I am planning June/July already.
Hope everyone had a great February !!

I thought I had taken more pictures but I guess I did not. So here are two activities that we did.

The kiss should be done with foil paper but we painted with grey paint with silver tempera mixed into it, it did look shiny.

And we made love owls, the wings make a whole heart and we cut it in 1/2 for the wings the head is a heart as well as the feet. 

As you can see, the girls are getting better at letting the kiddos do their work and not ding hand over hand so much. 

Here is the link to my pinterets page for the friendship theme: