Friday, April 11, 2014

the first few weeks of space.

Rocket names
Each square has a letter of a students name
This is great for working on letter sounds and colors
attending, participating, turn taking, sharing

I had my staff cut an opening on some plates 
(we ran out off full plates so we had to use two cut plates for some of them, but it worked out)
We first painted the red part of the full plate
Then stapled the plate that was cut
added the eyes, nose, and mouth
then painted the top plate yellow
we worked on colors, following directions
identifying body parts, attending, sharing, turn taking

Circle and Triangle stars
I personally LOVE how the "stars"turn out
I put stars in parenthesis, because no one looks like a star
we worked on identifying shapes and following directions
I have them a sample along with one circle and five triangles and let them work 
this is what most of them looked like
I drew the face and wrote star on it
they look amazing

Moons and stars
Okay the kids DID need a LOT of help on this one
it was hard for them to fold the foil, but it was a great experience to introduce them to something new
We had cut out crescent moons from a folder to have a thicker back
the moons where covered in foil
then we opened 2 holes on the moon and a hole on some stars
we used the big stars to cover the holes
we used pipe cleaners to hang the stars
We worked on following directions, colors, lacing 
attending, counting (the stars)

Shape Aliens
These were so much fun to make
We had cut out different shapes and opened either three or four holes on top
after the kiddos laced the antennas
we put glue dots, the verbal kiddos counted glue dots, 
for the other kiddos we counted out loud and some repeated 
for the arms and legs we just gave them at random arms and legs
the point was to make them look differently
they look great

Balloon planets
BIG props to my staff for doing this activity
we blew up three balloons 
using glue mixed with water and tissue paper
they covered the balloons
they look amazing hanging from the ceiling

It was a FUN couple of week. We are off on Spring break until April 22 (YAY) i think we were ALL ready for a break......

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