Sunday, May 4, 2014

wow time flies............

I cannot believe we are in May already. The year is going way way way to fast. I am sorry I have being horrible at keeping up with this blog, but to be honest between studying to finish my second MA, lesson planning for the rest of the year, finishing IEPs, transition meetings, and has been hard to keep up.

The last coupled of weeks we finished working on Space. I do not have a lot of pictures. We talked about Earth day on 4/22 and did three Earth day activities. We also did some moons, played with shaving cream, did some glitter activities, worked on our number books, but I don't have pictures sorry. You can check out my pintertest link  to see other activities we did or can be done.

Monday we will start with Spring and we will be planting on egg shells, never done that before so hopefully something will grow and fast. Hope everyone had a great April and happy May!!!!

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