Friday, August 29, 2014

All about me theme and some things from the week............

Week two of school was completed. 
I have to say I have some pretty awesome kiddos this year (I know I say that every year, cannot help it, I LOVE my job)

This week we did letter A. We made an Alligator with an A, practice rainbow writing the letter A, and looked at things that start with A. I decided to put them on the wall and every week I will put the letter we do on top, I thought it was a good way to keep all of their work together in one place :), lets hope it works...

We also made our paper bag kids. Tuesday we painted the bags, Wednesday we stuffed them and put the eyes and drew a mouth, Thursday we added the legs/shoes and arms/hands. They came out super super cute an they look great on top of the counter. I think the parents will enjoy looking at the for back to school night in a few weeks, I will bring them down and put them somewhere lower so the parents can see them. We have a kiddo with glasses so we made sure his lunch bag kiddo had glasses too. 

We also talked about our hair color and our eyes, making a portrait of our selves. they look pretty nice. 

 I had a super busy week planning not only the ten IEPs i need to hold next month but planning ALL the IEPs for the school year. This is something I have been wanting to do for the past few years but was never able to. Dates are tentative but as for now all IEPs are planned. I love my planner, is fantastic if you would like to get one, go to and search plum paper, she has super cute ones. I have the one with the anchors (of course). She also has teacher planners, student planners, meal planners, wedding planners, etc....Here is the link as well

This is my second year with one and to be honest I am already looking at the one I want for next year, they are just that great!!!

I got a new toy, lol, my craft teacher brain love this. Is a small paper cutter. I have an even smaller one but this one is great it cuts two sheets of paper, and one construction paper. It is extremely helpful for all the small stuff. So I can cute into big squares at work or with scissors and trim with this one, is super light, and is purple. 

I decided to do something with food once a week. So this week we made faces with graham crackers, marshmallow spread, red vines, and chocolates. Not all the kiddos eat it, one did not even want to touch it, but we worked on spreading. I figured something super yummy the first few weeks so then they will be willing to try when we do juices or things with fruits and veggies. 

I found this idea on pinterest and I love it. Great way to present things for center time. 

I send home thank you notes, to my amazing parents that donated to the class...... they are so generous. 

I did not have a mouse pad, so of course I had to get an anchor one. 

You can never have too many cute post its, specially if they are from the $1 bin at Target. 

Well that was my week. My 10 min commute in the freeway or 15 in the street is so fantastic, I just need to remember not to leave when the HS students get out or take the alternative route. My early intervention kiddos are doing good, and I am so thankful for understanding parents as this month was crazy with fixing the class and starting work and the boys starting school, I am lucky that they are willing to work with me and my crazy schedule (which will be crazier this coming month), one of them turned 3 (tears) but I will get a new kiddo in October. I hope everyone has a fantastic three day weekend. Happy Labor Day!!!!

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