Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 school year!!!

Hope everyone had an fantastic summer. I sure did, however it did feel like it flew by this year. Between teaching ESY for five weeks and not having a break between the school year and ESY (I changed districts and this is how things worked out). Then we went on vacation right after ESY and with birthday, wedding, and concerts time just went by too too fast. But it was a GREAT summer and I am SUPER excited to be starting a new school year at a new district/school.

The past couple of days have been busy with new teacher training and orientation. There is just so much information given to us in two days it makes my bairn hurt. But they were both very informative and I got to meet some great people.

Today it was the first day for ALL teachers to be back to work. We had a welcome rally and a site meeting. This was the first chance I got to meet all the wonderful teachers and staff I will be working with this coming year (general education and special education). They are all wonderful and I know I will learn so much from all of them.

Today I also finish, or keep working on getting the classroom ready. Deep breaths and one things at a time right. If you know me I like to do five things at a time. I start to do something and get side track and do something else and when I realized it I have started doing four or five different things and nothing is fully completed. So this time I made a list of everything and I wanted to do and started from there. I was able to accomplish most of everything. I am still trying to decide what to do abut circle time. I would love to buy new things rather than make things but we will see That I can do Friday.

Some of the things I would like to get are:
A drying rack
today's activities fro circle time 
a classroom carry all fro crayons and markers so two of them 
hold a ring walker rope 

I will started with the All About Me and Family theme. Here are some ideas from my pinterest board:
Some of these I have done some I have not and I am looking forward to see how they will turn out.

Here are also some great ideas for the classroom:

And some thing that can be done with kiddos at any time:

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC year!!!
To all new teachers YAY don't stress out, deep breaths and one things at a time!!

Good Luck !!!

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