Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to School and more porjects more fun!!!

Two weeks ago was back to school. I had the best turn out ever!!!!!

I am very happy to see some of the families come and explore the classroom with their little ones. I did let my parents bring the kiddos, I know most of them work and I did not want them to miss due to lack of a babysitter. It as great being able to talk to them without the rush of the mornings.  The kids loved to show their parents the toys and circle area and they were able to take home their All About Me book and their lunch bag boys (I only have boys).
I set the class up to show them what we do in each table. In my table I put all the things, well some things, I sued to work on their IEP goals, writing, cutting, sorting, common pairs, letters, etc. The the social/fine motor table I put lacing, beading, puzzles, and games. And on the craft table I put the lunch bag kiddos and the All About Me boo. The class looked great. I also made labels "Welcome. thanks for pooping in" for popcorn for each family to take home. It was a great evening. I really enjoy it. Now I am looking forward to the boys back to school this coming Thursday.

We were also busy working with the letter C for crab, making houses out of shapes, learning how old we are, and practicing the first letter of our name. Everything turn out super cute. As I wind down the All About Me theme I am looking forward to planning for Farm/Fall for October and November. I am going to try to go that extra  mile and decorate the door from outside. I am excited!!!!

I also created a Donors Choose project fro the class. We need more toys and manipulatives for the kids to learn, explore, academically, and socially. If anyone can donate it will be greatly appreciated. Any amount is welcome.If you use code INSPIRE they will match your donation. Thank you so much in advance!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a great week!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September - all about me...

I don't know about all of you but last week felt like the longest week ever, even thought it was a short week. lol. I keep telling my kiddos "no more three day weekend, ever!!" haha But we made it!!!

We are still doing all about me.
The past week we made hand print faces they turned out super cute. 
We also made little people (but I forgot to take a picture they are on the board outside the room). 

We talked about letter B.

And we made our mouth with marshmallows as teeth. 

My new data sheets are working out great, yay!!!!!
Is amazing how fast I felt at home at my new district. So far it has been GREAT!! I work with some great teachers and I have pretty cool SDC preschool team. I feel supported which as we teachers know is super important. I am happy with the change and I know it will be an amazing career!!

This month will be a CRAZY month with ten IEP meeting but I am looking forward to them and getting the kiddos back on track.

Hope everyone has a good September. Check out pinterest if you haven't they have amazing ideas!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

googly eyes galore..........

I hit the jackpot of google eyes this past weekend. I got a few bags from Target at the dollar bin and a few more from the dollar store. As a preschool teacher I LOVE googly eyes, the big ones to be more specific. So here is the breakdown. The Target ones had 50 eyes, four different sizes. The be honest the little little ones have never been used and I am sure that unless I do a craft with them they will never be used, in the plus side they are the sticker ones but then again I found out this summer that it is extremely difficult for some people to peel them (lol). The ones from the Dollar tree store are a way better deal. There are 125 eye three sizes, big medium, and a little smaller than medium. My kiddos can use all of these ones, the one thing is that it doesn't have the sticky part so glue is necessary. So I ended up with 1175 googly eyes YES!!! I am sure I will not run out this year (I already have a whole bunch at work) I decided to separate them by size and out them in containers and bags, which of course now it means I will have to do the same with the ones I have in a box at work, I see a project next weekend. 
But I am so glad and to be honest I will keep buying them every time I see them, I am going to use them so might as well, specially those big ones....

My kiddos will also get a nice surprise come Friday for treasure day. I got a new box. Currently I have a plain yellow box with treasure items. I found this one at DDS and I was going back and forth between this one and a pirate one, but I figure for my three year old this is a cute one. I also, was able to get lots of goodies from the dollar tree store. I am excited to take it to work and use it Friday. 

I cannot believe it is September already. I have scheduled ten IEP meetings, yes ten meetings..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I will have seven in one week. Is okay after this month it will be one or two at the most and I believe nothing until November, I just have to keep reminding myself "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"
I was able to figure out the sub line today YAY after trying for a few days. So I was able to request a sub for both days I will have IEPs. 

Well time to go to sleep, long-short week ahead. Hope everyone had a great long weekend. If you are starting back at work tomorrow. GOOD LUCK have a great school year!!!!