Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to School and more porjects more fun!!!

Two weeks ago was back to school. I had the best turn out ever!!!!!

I am very happy to see some of the families come and explore the classroom with their little ones. I did let my parents bring the kiddos, I know most of them work and I did not want them to miss due to lack of a babysitter. It as great being able to talk to them without the rush of the mornings.  The kids loved to show their parents the toys and circle area and they were able to take home their All About Me book and their lunch bag boys (I only have boys).
I set the class up to show them what we do in each table. In my table I put all the things, well some things, I sued to work on their IEP goals, writing, cutting, sorting, common pairs, letters, etc. The the social/fine motor table I put lacing, beading, puzzles, and games. And on the craft table I put the lunch bag kiddos and the All About Me boo. The class looked great. I also made labels "Welcome. thanks for pooping in" for popcorn for each family to take home. It was a great evening. I really enjoy it. Now I am looking forward to the boys back to school this coming Thursday.

We were also busy working with the letter C for crab, making houses out of shapes, learning how old we are, and practicing the first letter of our name. Everything turn out super cute. As I wind down the All About Me theme I am looking forward to planning for Farm/Fall for October and November. I am going to try to go that extra  mile and decorate the door from outside. I am excited!!!!

I also created a Donors Choose project fro the class. We need more toys and manipulatives for the kids to learn, explore, academically, and socially. If anyone can donate it will be greatly appreciated. Any amount is welcome.If you use code INSPIRE they will match your donation. Thank you so much in advance!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a great week!!!!

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