Sunday, September 7, 2014

September - all about me...

I don't know about all of you but last week felt like the longest week ever, even thought it was a short week. lol. I keep telling my kiddos "no more three day weekend, ever!!" haha But we made it!!!

We are still doing all about me.
The past week we made hand print faces they turned out super cute. 
We also made little people (but I forgot to take a picture they are on the board outside the room). 

We talked about letter B.

And we made our mouth with marshmallows as teeth. 

My new data sheets are working out great, yay!!!!!
Is amazing how fast I felt at home at my new district. So far it has been GREAT!! I work with some great teachers and I have pretty cool SDC preschool team. I feel supported which as we teachers know is super important. I am happy with the change and I know it will be an amazing career!!

This month will be a CRAZY month with ten IEP meeting but I am looking forward to them and getting the kiddos back on track.

Hope everyone has a good September. Check out pinterest if you haven't they have amazing ideas!!

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