Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just some things.....

I am so THANKFUL for having so many generous parents. their donations are so helpful!!!

Our fall tree with room 117, it looks awesome with the hand print turkeys, this past week we took the apples down and added some crows the kids made in OT, it looks so cool. picture to come. 

Thank you letters!!! I love writing thank you cards to my students/parents/families, the kids love getting them. I want to make sure my parents know how thankful I am for all their donations and help in the class.

Fall tree bags, you shake them and the inside looks like falling leaves, this is the sample the ones the kids made are so much better.

Turkey hand print for out hand print book. I love how it came out.

Pigs in the mud. this activity is made with brown paint and block of different size with rubber bands on them to make the line print, the kids love it and they use a different tool to paint.

I got some new cute bags and sticky notes, i LOVE sticky notes haha and who does not need white out, and looking like a bunny, even better, have to love the Diaso store.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Catching up on last month.....

I did HORRIBLE in keeping up the blog last month. There is something about October, I swear it is the longest month ever.......But now is November and it is time to catch up. So this blog post is all about pictures of what we did in October and the way I decorated the doors of the classroom. If some pictures are repeated from previous posts, so sorry... Pictures are not in any specific order.

Corn painted by rolling corns and some scarecrows

Lacing pumpkins and scarecrows

I was Booed

Counting apples

Acorn hand prints

Top, middle, bottom, the parts of an apple

Corn with candy corn


OT make shape people

For our hand print books, Halloween bats

Practiced cutting by making ghosts

Used black paint to make bats

We made shape monsters

The kiddos painted pumpkins


Witch brooms

Fall doors, I love them.

Our M&Ms shirts for Halloween

Thanks Lizette, I love this transparent writing tools, I have the kiddos do pre-academic lines, or shapes, or name writing, take data on them , take a picture with the phone and save it to the computer.
No more copies, the kids love the erase markers. 

Halloween doors

The preschool team (3 classrooms, OT and SLP), we are M&Ms 

Here are the links to the pinterets boards where I got most of the ideas......

This month I will be using some of the ideas from the Fall/Farm board. I am looking forward to a fun filled month. Happy November everyone!!!