Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year..................

WOW 2014 is over, well almost!!! 

2014 had lots of changes for me professionally. 
I earned a second Masters in Teacher with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education.
I changed school districts.
Meet some amazing new kiddos and families. 
Attended some great professional developments. 
Meet new colleagues.
Broke a record of how many IEPs I ever had in a month (11 in 3 weeks).
And I am slowly learning to say "NO" instead of piling more things into my already busy plate.

These year I am setting some "goals" not just personal but also professionally. 
1-I would like to attend some training outside of the district PD.
2-Look into Administrator credential.
3-Write in the blog more often and figure out how to attach files to it.
4-Analyze my daily data more often. 

I am looking forward to the rest of the school year and ESY. 
Excited I get a week off in February.
Sad my spring break and the boys spring break do not match. 
Excited I end school a week before the boys so I can attend their end of school activities.
Looking forward to hopefully have the boys with me next school year.
Looking forward to keep earning about how things are done at my district (k-transition meetings, preschool graduation).
Looking forward to hopefully two field trips.

This year ended with a BANG. My Donors Choose got funded YAY YAY YAY
I feel so blessed for all the donations. 
I can't wait to get new materials.

We made these the week before break. They turned out pretty cool. Definitely doing them again!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Years Eve. 
If you are going out be careful, and have a fantastic time. 
Wishing everyone an AMAZING 2015!!!!

Winter break prep work.....

Been a teacher is not just during school hours, we have to lesson plan, prep work, in special education case write IEPs, analyze data, do assessments, and write reports. Is a never ending job. 
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job, well my career. I love been in the class, getting to know my students and their families, taking data and analyzing it, seen my kiddos make progress. I love all aspects of what I do and I feel blessed that I am able to do it, that parents trust me to teach their child and care for them while they are with me, and honestly way after they leave my class. I am also blessed to have an awesome family, that my boys understand when I say "mommy has to do a little bit of work, can I (insert what they want me to do), in just a little bit" they also always wiling to do art with me so I can have work samples, or let me borrow their school art activities for my class. Pablo and my mom also help a lot, that be keeping the boys entertain, reading to them, picking up after them, cooking, cleaning, thanks mom. I would definitely be lost without them and their support.  

This winter break I prep for January and February during the first week. And March and April during the second week. I also did some shopping and got a new Erin Condren teacher planner book for the 2015-2016 school school year, had to use he $15 off coupon Before it expired. Love those planner so so much, I don't know how I even lesson plan without them. I know it is pricy, but I do keep all my planner and look back at them, and honestly, you do get what you pay for, the EC planner pages are thick, can use marker, or gel pens and it doesn't go through, don't use sharpies thought after all it is paper lol, it has plenty of writing space for notes. I would love for her to make a special Ed one for preschool teachers haha example I would take out the grading papers because I don't use them and the absence one as it would take to long to keep track that way but I may just tape the way I keep attendance on those pages. If you need a good lesson planner get one, if you live near me or in LA and would like to see mine let me know and we can meet. I know I didn't want to splurge until I had one in my hands and was able to see what it looked like and how it felt, so let me know.  

Hope all my teacher friends are having a wonderful winter break, relaxing and enjoying your family!!! 

Part of March and Aptil prep.

Got some new toys - 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December in the class

Hello friends.....One of my new years "goals" is to keep up with this blog better than this year. I think I need to schedule it into my weekly things to do :)

Below are some fun things we did. 
December was a stressful month for me, with staff changing, assessments, meetings, and getting everything done that needs to be done before break AHHHHHHH. I am happy to be on Winter Break and being able to regroup and reflect and come up with a new action plan!!!!

These pictures I found on pinterets printed and laminated. The students used play dough to make ornaments, Santa's beard, antlers, etc. I believe there are 5 different mats and the kiddos love them. 

Parent Christmas gifts!
They came out super duper cute.....

Counting ornaments. 
I am always looking for new ways to work on one to one correspondence when it comes to counting. Counting bears, blocks, and things like that can get old. The kids loved counting the ornaments. 

Below in the blue is a Santa hand print that became an ornament and the card for the Christmas Tree pot holder. The book is a reindeer hand print.  

Santa door and Christmas tree door. 
The students LOVED the doors. Not sure if I want to keep doing them, they take so long, but they are so worth it, ha I guess there is my answer :) 

This is the new way I have been using paint in the class, it reminds me when I paint at home. Keeps everything a little bit cleaner. 

Size Christmas tree. Another way to present big, medium, and small. Two day activity. 
The first day the students cut the triangles and we talked about sizes.
the second day they glued everything together.

2014-2015 Classroom keeps sake. I LOVE it. It looks so awesome. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014


I LOVE December. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!!!
the classroom is decorated, we have a tree, stocking, even a chimney with Santa's legs sticking out. the door is a Santa and the room next to mine is a Christmas tree, they look awesome. I am really looking forward to our arts and crafts and all things Christmas. The parents LOVED how the classroom was decorated and the kids  were so excited with the tree. I wonder what they would do if I put gifts under, maybe I will put some wrapped empty boxes.

Some activities from last month.....