Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year..................

WOW 2014 is over, well almost!!! 

2014 had lots of changes for me professionally. 
I earned a second Masters in Teacher with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education.
I changed school districts.
Meet some amazing new kiddos and families. 
Attended some great professional developments. 
Meet new colleagues.
Broke a record of how many IEPs I ever had in a month (11 in 3 weeks).
And I am slowly learning to say "NO" instead of piling more things into my already busy plate.

These year I am setting some "goals" not just personal but also professionally. 
1-I would like to attend some training outside of the district PD.
2-Look into Administrator credential.
3-Write in the blog more often and figure out how to attach files to it.
4-Analyze my daily data more often. 

I am looking forward to the rest of the school year and ESY. 
Excited I get a week off in February.
Sad my spring break and the boys spring break do not match. 
Excited I end school a week before the boys so I can attend their end of school activities.
Looking forward to hopefully have the boys with me next school year.
Looking forward to keep earning about how things are done at my district (k-transition meetings, preschool graduation).
Looking forward to hopefully two field trips.

This year ended with a BANG. My Donors Choose got funded YAY YAY YAY
I feel so blessed for all the donations. 
I can't wait to get new materials.

We made these the week before break. They turned out pretty cool. Definitely doing them again!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Years Eve. 
If you are going out be careful, and have a fantastic time. 
Wishing everyone an AMAZING 2015!!!!

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