Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Wonderland.......

This months theme is winter. We have been doing winter projects. During December and our Holiday theme we focus on Santa and the Reindeer's. So now we are doing snowmen and pretty much all about snow. We have written our names on snowmen, cut snowflakes, cut mitten, lace mitten and snowmen, and made some penguins. We have also worked on patterns.

I don't actually have patterns to ever share on the blog as I just cut or draw what we will do freelance. I do find activities on Pinterest and some have samples you can print and use but others don't. But if you ever need something email me and I can mail it to you. are some pictures of what we have done and what we worked on while doing the activity.

For cutting practice I had my 8-11 class cut to the mitten depending on the goal depending what they cut. My 12-1 class cut the mittens.

 I took off the blue paper and left the white board white. I added the black and white dot magnet boarder and I love it, it does not look as crowded as before.

The main theme board with the mountain.

I used these awesome blackboards to write classroom announcements instead of my giving tree. 

Snowmen everywhere.

We decorate cheese sticks to look like snowmen. Each kiddo choose the color of their scarf. They did need a lot of help as it need to be tapes and the staff did the face and buttons.

We made penguins, I love how the kiddos do their own art. The kids talked about the colors, penguins, where they live, and what they need it to create the art. 

Here are the mitten cut. The kids choose what color ink they wanted to use for their hand print, and we matched to see which hand match the mitten. 

I decided to do the door after all, I added some snowflakes as well. Pictures to come. 

I received all the donors choose materials YAY, I feel so blessed to have all these new things to teach my students!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and day off today!!!

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