Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New data sheets

The pictures are not the best, but I created new data sheets a few weeks ago. I was having a hard time keeping data and everyone's goals in one place without having to write notes on the margin and the back, etc. so I went through all he IEP goals of all my stud nets and come up with these new and improved data sheets. 

One of my goals this year was to come up with a better way to keep data. The pat two years I would keep data during centers in generals (attending, completing of task, participating, sharing, etc) and have their individual data sheets as well to Tract with the + and - system a that I could graph, and percentages and all that (Thank Louisa, after so many years this is my fav way to keep data still). 

I started using something very similar this year but I still felt that I would miss some goals, specially for those students that are higher and have different goal. So far this has worked great. I added a column with the days of the week where I give a check if the kiddo was there that day or an A if absent which also help me keep track of attendance. 

I love them so far. The best thing is that when I am transferring to be able to graph them I just look at the row and I have all the goals right there in one week. I can also keep track of what we did not cover and I mark it for the following week to make sure we cover that first. It is super organized and so much easier than having to look at different weeks of data to find all the goals. 

As always if anyone is interested in a copy I will gladly email it to you. You can leave a comment (hopefully it works now) or you can email me at loremaldo@yahoo.com

Happy data collecting !!!! 

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