Thursday, March 5, 2015

dinos everywhere!!!

This one is one of my favorite activities, we sponge paint the dinos, and add spikes with clothe pins. They had to use 1:1 correspondence to count the clothes pins, we only used 5 at the end though otherwise is too heavy. 

During OT groups the kiddos cut a half a circle, and rectangles. Then used the parts to put it together to look like a dinosaur.

Wrote names with glue and put color sand on them , they look great!

Hand print dino spikes. I love this theme!!!

Look how awesome my Erin Condren Teacher Planner book, I love it best money spend. I will post pictures of the lesson part next time, they are perfect for my centers and notes and prep that needs to be done! If you want ne follow the link for $10 off

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

kinder transition data sheets, end of the month, some things I like......

Is kinder transition time. I have 13 little ones leaving me this year between my 3 hour class and my 1 hour class. I am so sad they are leaving :( but I am also very excited about the new chapter in their lives. 
I spoke with a kinder teacher to figure out what they were looking for when they assessed the incoming kinder. With that info I made a data sheet (told you I love data sheets). I started taking data today and I feel that it works very well. I also have another one I use to give to the new teacher to have an idea of where the child is as well as their likes, dislikes, and reinforces I don't have this one on a word document but I will gladly mail it to you). There suppose to be two parts but I don't have a picture of the back side.  As before if you want any of them, you can email me at

End of February..... It is officially March and we are all done with the friendship theme. The class is all Dinosaurs, the boys are loving it!!

love butterflies - worked on counting the hearts and following directions. 

Worked on lacing, big/small, and colors

The board looked busy, for two days and then everything came down!!! The kids did a great job in all their art, and the staff is so much better at letting them to do even if it looks completely different than the sample. 

I love these one, first the color the paper rolls, then they added the stripes (with help) and the heart with eyes and a mouth, so cute!!

Some things I have come to love this year....

This  things is GREAT, I usually plus two USB drives, the printer and my phone to charge. The other side of the lap top has.....

The wireless mouse, small, perfect for my hand. I do love my anchor mouse pad too hahaha.....

Monday I went to an amazing assessment training. It was very informative and I learned a lot!!!
This Friday I will finally be seen the Dr and hopefully I will be able to breath with my nose again, being congested for so long sucks BIG time!!! I realized yesterday that I am so tired because I can't breath and I am so short temperated at work and home because I am so tired. Hopefully I will feel better next week and every one will have good weeks :) My staff is awesome, thank you for putting up with me you guys!!!!!