Tuesday, March 3, 2015

kinder transition data sheets, end of the month, some things I like......

Is kinder transition time. I have 13 little ones leaving me this year between my 3 hour class and my 1 hour class. I am so sad they are leaving :( but I am also very excited about the new chapter in their lives. 
I spoke with a kinder teacher to figure out what they were looking for when they assessed the incoming kinder. With that info I made a data sheet (told you I love data sheets). I started taking data today and I feel that it works very well. I also have another one I use to give to the new teacher to have an idea of where the child is as well as their likes, dislikes, and reinforces I don't have this one on a word document but I will gladly mail it to you). There suppose to be two parts but I don't have a picture of the back side.  As before if you want any of them, you can email me at lorenamaldo@yahoo.com

End of February..... It is officially March and we are all done with the friendship theme. The class is all Dinosaurs, the boys are loving it!!

love butterflies - worked on counting the hearts and following directions. 

Worked on lacing, big/small, and colors

The board looked busy, for two days and then everything came down!!! The kids did a great job in all their art, and the staff is so much better at letting them to do even if it looks completely different than the sample. 

I love these one, first the color the paper rolls, then they added the stripes (with help) and the heart with eyes and a mouth, so cute!!

Some things I have come to love this year....

This  things is GREAT, I usually plus two USB drives, the printer and my phone to charge. The other side of the lap top has.....

The wireless mouse, small, perfect for my hand. I do love my anchor mouse pad too hahaha.....

Monday I went to an amazing assessment training. It was very informative and I learned a lot!!!
This Friday I will finally be seen the Dr and hopefully I will be able to breath with my nose again, being congested for so long sucks BIG time!!! I realized yesterday that I am so tired because I can't breath and I am so short temperated at work and home because I am so tired. Hopefully I will feel better next week and every one will have good weeks :) My staff is awesome, thank you for putting up with me you guys!!!!!

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