Saturday, April 25, 2015

April... jungle theme

During this month we explored the jungle theme.
We had done some great art as well as practicing cutting, writing, following directions, doing patterns, etc. 
It has been a fun month and even thought we have one week left of it I think I ma ready for super busy May to come!!
Here are some crafts from this month. 

We have also been working on drawing yourself with my students moving on to Kinder next year. This is one picture one of my students drew, it is im and a friend playing at the table. He is four,  I love it!!!

Lions with dish washing brushes giving the students a different painting tool 

Patterns on top
Cutting snacks in the middle
and lion puppets (practice cutting) in the bottom

Monkeys - following directions and coloring
Elephants - following directions

Zebras - color identification and following directions
Lions - OT groups cutting 

Birds on top - colors, following steps, parts of the face, 
Giraffes - sensory touching paint to make spots with finger tips, fallowing steps, color id
Hippos - painting, following steps, sharing materials, parts of the face


Hope you guys enjoy these fun crafts!!!!
This is just one center we have a day the other centers work on academics, IEP goals, and social skills like playing games - taking turns, waiting, and completing something together, floor puzzles, matching, sorting etc. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More dinosaurs..... Catching up...

Okay quick blog... I am know I am super behind.
Spring Break was a BLAST. Our family cruise vacation was awesome, can't wait for the next one. 

Before break I had been working on assessments non-stop (and actually last week I had three, thankfully one was a no show).

I being trying to actually take a lunch (when I do not have assessments), instead of answering emails, or working on class stuff, I have been reading and taking that time for me.

We walk through a big patch of grass when we go to the play ground, there are so many ladybugs, we have loved looking at them. 

The Friday before Spring Break the boys went with me to work. Here is Zachary reading to the class.

Loving my spring TOMS so comfy.

This was totally need it on the Friday before spring Break, I like it but to be honest is a little too sweet for me, I know crazy!!!

During break (after our vacation) I did do some prep work for ESY. I am doing the camping theme, I haven't done it before so I need samples and prep work done for everything. I am loving it though. Cannot wait!!!

Here are some dino activities we did before going on break.......

Kids had to put the dino together and then request the color of the dot art marker they wanted to use.

Sensory, having the kids touch the sand and sprinkle it on the dino.

I know they look like eggs but they are dino faces, we talked about the different size ovals we had.

I made these Happy Sprung Break bubbles for the kiddos!!

Dino skeleton with pasta, they came out so great!!

Dino was a great theme, I think the kiddos really enjoyed it. This month we are doing Jungle/Zoo. I will start posting pictures next week. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic Spring Break!!!