Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April is over with that the jungle theme.

So April has come to an end and the end of the jungle theme.

I love all the crafts we made. It was also a very busy month assessing all the kiddos going to kinder and figuring out the best setting for them. But everyone has a meeting scheduled and now lets just move to the crazy kinder transition month.

We also started working on our Mother's Day crafts. This year we did do hand over hand for most if not all of them, the kids choose the cup (even thought they are all the same) the color of the paint, and they did help putting the sealer on. Man my room smelled like glue sealer for days. But they came out so cute. For the hard we made the , I love you to piece, card where they had to tear the paper and glue it on the heart. They all cam out nice. They also colored paper bag that will be used to put the gifts inside. They will be going home this Wendesday and Thursday.

Monday we have a holiday (YIPPY) and then we have teacher/staff appreciation week.

There are 5 weeks of school left before ESY, and I do teach ESY. I love it, no data to collect (at least not so much), no meeting, no reports, love it. We are doing the camping theme and I being prepping for it already, this will be the first time doing that theme and I am excited.

Of course I satretd thinking about next year already and the theme we will have. I am thinking:

August - All About Me and welcome back to school
September - Space
October - Transportation
November - Farm
December - Holidays
January - Winter
February - Freindship
March- Dinosaurs
April - Fruits and veggetables (new)
May/June - Spring

I am excited for next year!!
I am also thinking on going back to using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum as we do not have a set curriculum to use.

If you need any ideas of acticiites, crafts, projects to do check out my pinterest page        there are lots of non education pins as well.

If you need a new teacher planning book for next year check out the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner, trust me you will LOVE it and never look back, it is worth the money. I believe they are 25% off right now and here is a link to get an extra $10 off when you open a new account.

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