Saturday, June 6, 2015

the year came to an end.....

SO I am super behind, I know. May was insane with 16 meetings and a few assessments. But it is done!! 
I cannot believe it.
It was a FANTASTIC year!!

We had an end of the year/graduation party.
I wish I could post picture of my kiddos, so you could all see how adorable they all looked. 
We decorated the class (twice, once for the AM kids and once for the PM kids). Most of the parent came and we had a BLAST. 

A parent made me this with a Starbucks card inside, is super cool.

I work with the BEST staff ever!!!

I got all the incoming kinders a book about kinder!

These is what I did for set up for open house May 21. 
It was wonderful seen my little kiddos showing their parents the class and their work. 

I have a week off and then ESY. I am doing a new theme at a new school (just for summer) but I am excited, summer is always fun!!