Sunday, August 16, 2015


This year it only took me two full days to get my room ready. Last school it was like 10 days, so this was a breeze. I already know that at the end of the school year I am getting material and I am covering my walls in material and leaving them with boarders and everything ready to go. I do LOVE the white So I think I will stick to that. It was honestly too much switching the paper to match the theme every month, so we are doing something simpler this year. 

Here are the pictures of my room. I LOVE how it turned out. 

My messy desk area.

So excited that I received the iPad from Donors choose. Now to look and download all the apps. 


I will try really hard to update this blog more often this year. Not only with classroom info, pictures, data sheets, but also with my ECTP ideas. I just ordered some awesome custom stickers from etsy and will be writing a blog about them and how I do my monthly calendar and my fav etsy shops so stay tuned!!

You can follow me on IG at busy_planner_of_four for all planner related info
and on pinterets for all theme ideas/drafts
you can also reach me at if you want copies of data sheets, or anything like that. 
I will be posting pictures of my center time data sheets and behavior data sheets in the next couple of days. 

Have a GREAT week everyone!!

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