Monday, September 14, 2015

All About me and back to School..

I stated the school year with a Welcome Back to School and All About me theme. 

We made:

buses - sang the wheels on the bus, talked about the color, the wheels, who goes home on the bus, how many windows.

We made pencils and practice writing/tracing our names.

We practice brushing teeth (with a paper plate, a toothbrush, and tooth paste) and counted how many teeth we have. 

We made a paper bag kid - week long project, choosing paint, folding the arms and legs, how many hands and feet do we have, crumbling paper to fill it up, and putting it all together. 

We made portraits of our self with paper plates, we all look different but we are all the same. 

We also practice pre-academic lines, cutting, tracing, sorting matching, following directions, playing games, dress up, sensory materials, reading stories, etc...

We had Back to School night. 
I set up just like last year. 
Popcorn and sign in.
Then the tables with signs of what we do and some examples of what we may use at that table. 

Monica and I decorated out doors and hallway a few weeks ago. This is it for the whole year. I will not be changing the doors according to theme. As much as I love the doors decorated, it really takes a long time, and I promised myself I was NOT going to go into work during the weekends this year. 

We have now started with new theme, Space. I am planning to keep this blog up to date and not take so long to write blogs. I think we are now used to our new routine with the boys going to school with me.

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